Danny Rodriguez of Four Js Photography

Capturing the moments

you will cherish FOREVER . 




 My name is Danny Rodriguez and I am a photographer in the Greater Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky area. I became interested in photography as a teenager, during my own senior picture shoot. As most people have experienced, adolescence can be an awkward time, and I was no exception. I was amazed at how my photographer could transform me, with just a few clicks of a button, into the person I wanted to be. This has greatly influenced my own passion for photography, as nothing pleases me more than to bring confidence and smiles to my clients when they see the results of their session. I enjoy showcasing the inner beauty of my clients in creative fun shots. Some of my primary photography interests include Senior pictures, sports photography and Family portraits. I also enjoy working with tattooed clients, taking pictures of this great city, and the occasional Cosplay shoot. 

       As a husband and father of four beautiful daughters, I have learned the value of capturing memories on film... or disk. I am looking forward to helping you do the same.